Small Business Partner Highlight: ByTheBook Keepers

Small Business Partner Highlight: ByTheBook Keepers

Take it easy... Let ByTheBook Keepers handle your bookkeeping.

ByTheBook Keepers specializes in bookkeeping and services for small business owners.

With 40+ years of working with and guiding small businesses and independent professionals through some of the struggles and challenges of running their own business, ByTheBook Keepers’ founder and visionary, Jerry Slade, decided to do something about it.

Free HIPAA Workshop

Free HIPAA Workshop

Have you completed a recent mandatory Security Risk Assessment?  Do you wonder whether your practice is compliant with HIPAA?

Every practice, regardless of its size, must complete a periodic Security Assessment to comply with the HIPAA implementation specification.

Trends in EHR Cloud

Cloud computing in healthcare forecast to grow at 20.5 percent rate from 2012 to 2017, according to HealthCare IT News . Their news entry cites a number of sources for this prediction and the factors that are behind this growth. Check out 3 Big Trends

Windows 8 just around the corner!

You may have already heard that a new version of Windows is on its way. Microsoft steps into new territory with a new look that matches the look of Windows Phone. All appearances aside, the tech press has given a fairly upbeat assessment of the new operating system but there is still plenty to learn.

Online Shopping Tips For Valentine's Day

Shopping online for Valentine's Day gifts can be quick and easy but it is important to take the time to make sure your personal and banking information is kept safe.  Kaspersky Labs has some helpful tips for ensuring safe and convenient online shopping:

In case you’re planning to shower that someone with gifts, designate a credit card for online purchases, and only use that card…it’s easier to keep track any problems if all the charges are on the same account.