Our Story



C.A.V.U is an aviation term that stands for Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited. It is a slang term that pilots use to describe anything that is highly desirable.

“The name also speaks to the exceptional level of service that we can provide, CAVU can get you above the clouds and even demystify that technical cloud,” John said with a smile.

CAVU Networks founder and private pilot John Benjamin chose the name in honor of his passion for flight and a desire to bring a CAVU day into the office.

“Flying mixes feelings of freedom and accomplishment with adventure. It requires precision skills and expertise and I like the mix of intuition and the critical-decision making required,” John added.


CAVU Founder John Benjamin

John grew up in Manhattan in New York City. He received his BA in Computer Science from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.

In 1991, he moved to Seattle, where he would spend the next seven years working for Microsoft in sales, marketing, and technology solutions.


John would eventually leave the corporate world behind him for a new solo adventure. He tested the waters with a newspaper ad for a then one-man operation called Benjamin Consulting. The ad included the line, “I measure my success one client at a time and I look forward to meeting you.” This measure of success remains true with every client at CAVU today.


John's twin boys in the cockpit

“A lot of my clients are my friends and I enjoy being able to see customers at my kid’s school and outside of the office,” John said.

While John had a knack for I.T. and enjoyed tinkering with thing, he also enjoyed working with people. He valued traditional business ethics and genuinely cared about helping each individual client solve their tech problems.

John’s way of doing business was well received and Benjamin Consulting quickly grew solely on word-of-mouth referrals. In 2004, CAVU Networks was born into the Bainbridge Island community. An event that could only be upstaged by the birth of his fraternal twin boys, Jake and Caleb.

Meet Lucie CAVU's mascot and John's rescued terrier-mix who comes to work almost every day

Today, John loves operating a business with a staff that is all about finding solutions, whether in I.T. or helping to create a better tomorrow.

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