Savvy Tips to Keep your Data Secure

Savvy Tips to Keep your Data Secure

Let's face it: cyber criminals are here to stay and just getting more crafty in their pursuit to destroy your data. Insecure data not only puts your business at risk but creates distrust from your clients.

We get it. In an ever-evolving landscape of cyber crime, staying ahead of the bad guys can be exhausting and seem nearly impossible.

But that is why you are a smart tech user and consult with your friendly insiders at Cavu. We have compiled a list of simple and very savvy tips to keep your business healthy, secure and thriving. More...

Use Two-Factor Authentication

To begin with, using a complicated password to secure your system is no longer enough. Yes, you read that right. The problem is we tend to use that same seemingly fool-proof password for multiple accounts, including email accounts and bank accounts. Therefore, if one of your logins is compromised, then all of your logins are compromised. This creates a dangerous and very damaging domino effect. 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security for your systems and accounts. This can be a biometric verification for devices that you own or a time-sensitive auto-generated code that is sent to your mobile phone. This security feature works in the same way websites would require you to confirm your email address. They want to make sure that you’re not a bot or anything else.

Encrypt all Data

Secondly, encrypting your data can be an extremely powerful tool to disrupting any advanced hack. Encryption scrambles and descrambles data every time someone tries to read it. Encryption also causes compatibility issues if the data is not being accessed via the company’s own network systems. Applying encryption can be expensive, however, it is worth the cost. Protecting your business data from falling into the wrong hands should be of your highest priority. 

Keep Systems up to Date

Technology is consistently evolving. This means hackers are always upgrading their tools to take advantage of outdated security systems. Therefore, your outdated system can be your greatest vulnerability. Companies should automatically be updating their systems to keep their systems in good health and protect their valuable resources. Many companies, however, don’t install software updates immediately. An update closes existing security loopholes. Delaying an update exposes you to external attacks. Install software updates as soon as they are released.

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up

Implementing several layers to your security is still just one side of the coin. Unfortunately, even with these security measures, sometimes on rare occasions hackers can still find their way in. This is why it is absolutely crucial to back-up your data frequently. This can be on-site, off-site, or by way of cloud backups. That way, in the possible worst-case of scenario,  you can still restore lost data from those backups.

Monitor Connectivity

Many businesses have no idea how many computers they have. Therefore, it makes it difficult to keep track of which computers are online. In addition, some computers and servers are online when they don’t need to be. This makes them very tempting targets for attackers.  The best advice is to configure business servers properly, ensuring that only the necessary machines are online and that they’re well-protected.

Bottom line: protecting your data is not nearly as expensive as recovering from a data breach. Protect your business IT systems for all potential threats. Contact us today so we can help.

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