Windows 10 Features Protect Against Ransomware

Windows 10 Features Protect Against Ransomware

Losing sleep over the threat of ransomware? Ransomware may not be going away anytime soon. However, the ability to better protect yourself may be already built-in to your software.

Microsoft Windows 10 has created some noteworthy built-in security features, specifically designed for ransomware attacks. Make sure you are taking full advantage of these security components and rest easier tonight.

Controlled Folder Access

This feature allows you to list certain documents and folders as “protected.” Only white listed programs can access and edit these folders. Windows Defender will block any attempts by malicious apps to change the folders.

This should slow down a ransomware’s ability to encrypt critical information. Furthermore, some reports suggest that this feature can prevent other threats, like malicious file macros and viruses.

Users can enable “controlled folder access" via the Windows Defender Security Center. There is an option for choosing which folders will be protected and what apps are allowed to access them. To save time, common Microsoft applications are automatically trusted. A user can remove them from his or her white list, whenever they want.

Application Guard

The Windows Defender Application Guard prevents cyber intrusions. By using Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual machine technology, it can detect and isolate compromised applications from the rest of the system. For example, if a staff member accidentally downloads a virus from their web browser, Application Guard will contain the threat and stop the virus. As a result, devices, apps, data, and network will be protected.

Device Guard

The Device Guard feature is also located in the Windows Defender Security Center. It works to minimize your PC’s exposure to malware. Advanced threat detection policies enable the Guard to block all untrustworthy apps.  This ensures that only approved code is running throughout the system. It also adds an extra layer of defense between your firewall and antivirus software.

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