Virtual DR Solutions can Prevent Ransomware

Virtual DR Solutions can Prevent Ransomware

Ransomware can be a terrifying threat to any business owner. Let's face it: a type of malware that encrypts data and renders it impossible to access (unless a ransom is paid) is enough to keep anyone up at night.

And while, giving into a hacker’s demands may sound tempting, hackers should never be paid. Often times, even if ransom is paid victims do not gain access to their information. The best way to manage ransomware is to stop it before it happens. Virtual DR (disaster recovery) solutions can protect your network from a ransom bully.

"Snapshot" Protection with Virtual DR

Virtual DR solutions enable users to create point-in-time copies or “snapshots” of operating systems, data, and virtual machines. The snapshots capture and save a given point in time. These snapshots can then be loaded onto any workstation with everything still intact. In the event of a ransomware attack, administrators can essentially roll back the system to a point in time before the malware struck.

A significant benefit about point-in-time copy features is that they are automated. Users are required to schedule snapshots and then virtual DR software takes care of the rest. Virtual DR solutions will vary, however, most of them have the capacity to store thousands of point-in-time copies.This gives users plenty of restore points to choose from.

Virtual DR Is Better than Traditional DR

Traditional DR methods don’t have point-in-time copy features. While most computers have a system restore functionality, they can easily be disabled by newer ransomware attacks. Virtual DR software isolates point-in-time copies and restores functionality from virtual machines. This means they can’t be affected if one virtual machine was compromised with ransomware and therefore create a bulletproof solution.

In addition, traditional DR requires a more tedious and timely recovery.

This includes:

  • copying all data onto a backup drive
  • reinstalling applications
  • reconfiguration of hardware

By the time you’ve recovered from the ransomware attack, the damage caused by downtime will have already taken place. Recovering your system should be as little hassle as possible. Virtual DR enables users to not only load a clean, ransomware-free snapshot onto their system, but in less than an hour.

Implementing virtual DR can be complex, but that's why you have friends in the IT business. Call us today to learn more about business continuity services.

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