Your Business Needs Mobile Threat Detection (MTD)

Your Business Needs Mobile Threat Detection (MTD)

Your employee's mobile device is your cyber security's biggest threat. Mobile threat detection (MTD) can keep your business safe.

Having mobile devices in the workplace means a mobile security strategy should be on the top of your list of cyber concerns.

MTD and machine learning

Mobile threat detection is a comprehensive solution that prevents malware infections network-based attacks, and physical tampering. MTD is supported by a machine learning mechanism. This enables devices to recognize usage patterns and be on alert of anything that is outside of what is considered normal for that user.

MTD is expansible and therefore can monitor dozens of Android mobile devices. When one mobile device exhibits behavior outside the norm, machine learning flags the incident and reports it to administrators.

Does MTD detect malware?

Unfortunately, malware programs are crafty deviants that cleverly disguise themselves as legitimate and useful apps. The trick to finding and keeping these bad guys away is by recognizing irregular patterns in user behavior. In addition to, monitoring how individual devices function. Target research concludes that simple security measures (such as a virus scan) are just not enough. MTD will protect your device from more sophisticated attacks, like phishing scams.

MTD shouldn't be your sole security. Mobile security also needs to include ways to blacklist certain apps, prohibit connecting to unsecured networks, and remotely wipe a device when all else fails.

How to implement an MTD solution

To begin implementing MTD into your mobile security strategy, first have a thorough evaluation. This evaluation will include industry regulations and the sensitivity of the data stored and/or exchanged on your mobile devices. Preferably, it will be part of a larger solution that allows you to inspect a mobile device’s hidden weaknesses and block harmful network traffic. Although mobile threat detection isn't a perfect way to detect malware, it is far more powerful than traditional anti-malware solutions.

Businesses like yours need comprehensive security solutions to fend off cyber attacks, whether on your PCs, laptops, or smartphones.

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