Virtualization Offers Affordable and Efficient Device Protection

Virtualization Offers Affordable and Efficient Device Protection

As remote working and mobile technology grows, so do the risks involved in sharing your data. That's why virtualization vendors are working to tackle growing cyber-security concerns with innovative solutions.

Mobile device management and virtualization

Among these innovative solutions, is mobile device management (MDM). MDM allows you to reap the benefits of shared technology without the concern of increased threats. MDM controls how users on any device view, share, and store sensitive information. Shared devices include company-provided laptops, office copiers and printers, personal smartphones, etc.

MDM creates a handy concentrated console to control and monitor a number of devices. As a result, IT administrators can install an application on each device to enforce business policies from one place.

There are dozens of independent MDM solutions that unify device administration. However, there is an advantage to using an MDM that incorporates your virtualization platform. In that, you can regulate policies for any industry across a range of company-owned, line-of-business, and personal devices.

Efficient centralized solutions

Furthermore, users are constantly picking up and throwing devices away. VMware’s AirWatch and Citrix’s XenMobile enable users to no longer need to manage security settings for each device. Instead, users can create one virtualized system for one employee. These settings will be applied regardless of which device it’s accessed from.

What are the other benefits?

Beyond a focused approach to device management and data access rights, virtualization can be extremely beneficial. To begin with, security in the event that a device has been stolen or lost. IT administrators can remotely lock or erase data at any time.

Single sign-on security

Single sign-on security can remove an enormous amount of headache. Users will only need one set of login credentials to access all their applications. Technically, each application will still use a different username and password. However, each of the credentials will be securely stored in the system. Therefore, users will be able to automatically log in whenever they sign in to your MDM platform.

Hardware and software evolve so fast that it is nearly impossible to secure them without extensive IT training. For this reason, virtualization is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for business owners to simplify user settings and management.

Consolidating virtualized desktops, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices under a single solution can give your business significant peace of mind.

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