5 Powerful Print Tips

5 Powerful Print Tips

Did you know that a cheap printer may cost you? How about that employees often make unneeded requests for new ink or toner, resulting in even more wasted money?

Printing may seem like only a small part to any business, but an inefficient print process can cost you big. These 5 tips will keep the way you print savvy.

#1 Replace Outdated Printers

Outdated and cheap printers may seem like a way to save money, but really it will cost businesses in the long-run. Any piece of equipment that is seven years old (or older) requires frequent repairs. In effect, causing more trouble than it’s worth.

Furthermore, many of these printers are no longer under warranty. Therefore, when it comes to repairing them it may be a challenge. It’s difficult to replace parts for old printers because manufacturers have stopped carrying them for models that have been phased out. When you replace outdated equipment with newer, multi-functional printers you are making an investment. Increased productivity and efficiency alone, will ensure that new hardware will pay for itself.

#2 Don't Purchase Unnecessary Print Supplies

Likewise, a stockpile of expensive and unused cartridges, toners, and reams of paper are the result of a poorly managed printing process. Employees often make unnecessary requests for new ink or toner. 

If you don't have a dedicated printer manager, you can avoid this situation by automating supply replacement. Assign a point person to proactively place orders when supplies are about to run out. This way your company can avoid needless purchases.

#3 Enforce Strict Document Workflows

Admin tasks like submitting expense reports, filing reimbursements require a proper document workflow. Without some sort of set of guidelines, employees tend to print an unnecessary amount of documents.

Fix this by automating your company’s document-driven processes. This will reduce or prevent redundant print jobs that can leave stacks of abandoned documents. Not only are these printouts wasteful, they're a security and privacy concern.

#4 Go Paperless

Going paperless can save businesses a significant amount of money. It may not be possible in every department. However, those that can do their jobs without printing should be encouraged to do so.

An example of an unneeded print job could be printing lengthy email chains that can be discussed in a meeting. As a rule of thumb, any wasteful printing processes should be avoided. 

#5 Reduce Support Calls For Printing Issues

Calling your company’s IT guys to assist with problems like paper jams, printer Wi-Fi issues, and other concerns are major productivity killers. Not too mention, in most cases these can be avoided. You can prevent these problems by identifying the problem areas of your print environment.

Then, you can find solutions specific to your office. These could include creating a printing workflow, or getting help from document management experts who can recommend time and budget saving solutions.

Equally, a group of experts managing your IT workflow can make your day-to-day operations more efficient and help you save on printing costs.

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Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.