Secure your Cloud with the Right “Cloud Conversation”

Secure your Cloud with the Right “Cloud Conversation”

Having the correct cloud conversation with your service provider can save your business massive headache, time and money. Just ask one of the nearly seven million Dropbox users who were hacked.

Below are some tips to safely and securely transition to the cloud platform today.

Ask where the physical servers are located

Surprisingly, some servers are not even located in the United States. It is wise to make sure they’re located in a safe data center with proper security. Don't be afraid to ask specific questions about your server with your cloud provider.

Encrypt data before it’s uploaded

Encrypting data will protect you, even if you are hacked. Encryption works by rendering information useless in the event hackers gain access to data. This can be done by your service provider.

Ask questions

When it comes to trusting the security protocol of a service provider, transparency is of utmost importance. Look for red flags like, if they don't take security seriously, are unable to clearly explain their security policies, and are unwilling to answer any security questions.

Create unique usernames and passwords

It is absolutely vital to the health of your business to use stronger passwords than “12345” or “football.”

Ask your IT provider what cloud security policies they have in place

This is probably the most important security measure you can take. Find a trusted IT provider and have a candid conversation with them about their cloud security policies.

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